What services do we offer?

Sydney Paediatric Dental Services is primarily a referral based Specialist practice, with most children and adolescents presenting from general dentists, specialists, allied medical practitioners and other health care providers. However, Dr Kareen does see children and adolescents without referral and we are dedicated in helping to establish a “dental home” for all patients in our care.

Kids Chompers has extensive and very close association with many other complementary health practitioners in order to provide contemporary and comprehensive treatment planning to maximise all outcomes for our patients.

Sydney Paediatric Dental Services provides inter-disciplinary management for children of all ages, adolescents, those with special needs and children with complex medical and behavioural considerations.

As well as restorative treatment and comprehensive care of complex oral health needs, Dr Kareen also provides surgical treatment, trauma follow-up, anticipatory orthodontic guidance and behaviour management for our diverse group of children and adolescents.

Dr Kareen also takes a special interest in "chalky teeth" (developmental dental defects) and routinely collaborates with other practitioners to ensure the best outcome for his patients and their families.

Kids Chompers has a focus on developing individually tailored treatment for the children in our care in order to facilitate a smooth and positive transition from child patient, into a healthy and positive adult with minimal oral health issues or concerns for the future.

We Fight Chalky Teeth Supporting Practice

Management Considerations

Management of children and adolescents within the dental environment often presents unique challenges and at Sydney Paediatric Dental Services, Dr Kareen will consider many aspects of your child’s needs to formulate the best course of action.

Your child’s age, previous dental experience, level of cooperation, complexity and extent of treatment requirements - as well as other associated special needs and medical considerations - all play a role in shaping the options to consider in ensuring a successful and appropriate outcome.

For some children and adolescents, the use of Nitrous Oxide Sedation will be discussed, together with possible consideration for General Anaesthesia - so that individualised treatment can be completed in the safest and most effective manner for your child.

Your Child's First Visit

At Sydney Paediatric Dental Services we encourage parents or care givers to attend the child’s first dental visit so we may gather all relevant information in order to formulate an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. At this appointment, a thorough background and medical history will be carried out for your child by Dr Kareen together with clinical examination, additional tests and X-ray analysis where necessary.

In order to ensure a positive encounter for your child and a successful outcome for subsequent therapy, all necessary treatment options and considerations will be outlined to you following your first visit and minimal direct treatment will be performed on the day of initial consultation.