Following comprehensive examination and assessment, Dr Kareen will formulate an appropriate treatment plan and course of action to address your child’s concerns and requirements. In most cases, a detailed report will be provided to you outlining the relevant findings, recommendations, costs and any other necessary information helping to ensure the most successful outcome.

As each child is unique, the treatment plan is tailored individually and the mode of therapy may vary accordingly and as such, Dr Kareen will discuss all aspects with you at length.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Also termed "Happy Gas" or "Laughing Gas" - the use of this inhalation agent is often very helpful in older patients to alleviate mild anxiety for simple procedures of short duration.

A certain degree to understanding, compliance and cooperation is required for this technique to be successful - with the need for placement of a nose piece and subsequent ability to breathe through the apparatus during the course of treatment.

This form of sedation provides a care-free and floating sensation during its use, with full resolution and no residual effects following cessation of the procedure and completion of treatment.

General Anaesthesia

A large component of the care offered by Sydney Paediatric Dental Services is related to management of children and adolescents under General Anaesthesia. This mode of treatment is carefully considered when extensive oral rehabilitation and surgery is required. This approach to therapy is particularly useful for very young children, those with previous difficulties or special needs and when the complexity of management would warrant multiple invasive appointments causing further stress and limitation to success.

Following appropriate assessment, Dr Kareen will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the proposed treatment plan for your child, which will include anticipated treatment requirements, estimated costs, Health Fund item numbers and payment requirements. All attempts will be made to provide an accurate assessment of the anticipated treatment plan and related costing.

General Anaesthetic treatment is completed as a Day-Stay procedure at the Hunters Hill Private Hospital, where Dr Kareen is fully registered and accredited as a Specialist Paediatric Dentist. All dental and surgical management is carried out under the direct care of Dr Kareen, along with a team of specialised Anaesthetic, Surgical and Recovery staff.